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The right thing, 2021

Hapar, spring, 2021
Grex and Ginger are 49, Annie is 26, Breckin is 19, Esther (Dawson) is 19, Coraline is 3, Lara is 18, Indira is 16, and Richmond is 15

Breckin had tried really hard to do the right thing. When a couple in love found themselves pregnant, it was right for them to have the baby. So that's what he did. When a couple in love was having a baby, it was right for them to get married. So that's what he did. 

When a married couple in love with a kid, it was right for them to be a family and have dinners every night. That's what he was trying to do. But when Esther said that she might get her masters in social work, or maybe become a lawyer after going to law school, or that she wanted to be a counselor which meant even more school...well it was hard for Breckin to do the right thing. 

The right thing was to support his spouse, but it seemed like she didn't know what she wanted for her future. It did seem clear that she didn't want to do the right thing and have dinners every night together. 

He still tried to do the right thing. Like correcting his daughter when she tried to call her grandmother, 'mama'. He knew it would break Esther's heart, so he didn't mention it. He made excuses for why Coraline would be scared to hug Esther. She's cranky, she hasn't had a nap yet. When it was clear that it was because she hadn't seen her mother during the two weeks of finals and wasn't sure why the stranger wanted to kiss her. It was the right thing to do.

She said that she was investing in their future so that he didn't have to work the land. Even though working the land was very much in his blood. He tried not to think about it often. The fact that he was adopted. But he couldn't deny the pleasure that it gave him when his father told him that Breckin would inherit the farm. Not one of his biological sons, but him. 

To toss away that opportunity would be like denying his family. That unconditional acceptance that they offered. That branding of him eternally as a Grey...not an adoptee of the Grey family, but a Grey. His legacy was in the soil of the farm and he couldn't give that up.

It seemed like the more he tried to do the right thing, the more it ended up all wrong. The fights had died in intensity, but that was because the resentment bubbled beneath the surface. Waiting for the eventual crack. 

When it came, Breckin couldn't think about trying to do the right thing. It was messy and they both knew it was coming. How could they not? How could she not have known that at some point she would break him? That he wasn't that strong?

Breckin was the one to throw the fatal blow, the one to break them, to break their family. It was wrong. They were a family. They were supposed to be forever. But, to Breckin, of all the times he tried to do the right thing, this was the time when he felt like he had finally succeeded. 

ROS: Dumped. 

This ROS fit perfectly for this couple. I didn't see them surviving much longer. They were much too different. 


  1. This is one of those situations where right and wrong have a lot of fuzzy edges. It had to come sooner or later - and I'm glad Breckin and Esther have ended their relationship now rather than let the resentment keep simmering.

  2. Wow. How sad.

    I love how you use ROS with your Sims. I'd like to try it but I really don't understand how it works. Is there a list of possible ROS and a method to determine when, what, and to whom a ROS will happen?

  3. (Hi, long time lurker here!)

    Ugh, this made me sad! I really wanted them to pull through. I hope Esther can get her ducks in a row. I can't imagine the stress, but she can't just ignore her daughter and husband like that.

    Can't wait until the next update!

  4. It would have been nice if Breckin and Esther could have beaten the odds...but I think they have very different priorities at the moment and were probably always going to drift further and further apart. I hope Esther can salvage her relationship with Coraline though and that Breckin will do his best to help her with that.

  5. That's too bad that Breckin and Esther couldn't make it work. I saw Breckin as very strict in his views (right vs wrong), but also very devoted to family, I wasn't sure that he'd have the courage to call it off. The ROS was very fitting for these two, and I hope in time they can be friends. Esther is still trying to figure herself out, and Breckin could use for someone that has similar goals as him. Great news on him getting the farm.


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