Monday, July 31, 2017

Bringing Home Baby, Hapar 2021

Hapar, spring, 2021

Naraj and Veena had started their family early. Now it was time to finally meet their twins.

Little Ramih has black hair just like his mother,

while Vinesha has brown hair like her father.

Abel and Myra Wilsonoff have brought the most compact crib they could find and installed it in their bedroom. The baby will be sleeping with them until he or she sleeps through the night and can join their older sisters in the other bedroom. However, the family has been considering making a move from their two bedroom home into something larger. They are in their last trimester, so it won't be much longer.


  1. How nice a boy and a girl for Naraj and Veena! I can't wait till you get to them for a story update.

    Myra and Abel really do need a bigger place. I wish them well with the search.

  2. Welcome Ramih and Vinesha! It's exciting that the twins are finally here!

    It does sound like Myra and Abel would benefit from a bigger house but hopefully they can make do until they find something suitable.

  3. Hello Ramih and Vinesha! I love the patterns on their bedding. Bet Naraj and Veena will have their hands full with these two!

    I too hope Myra and Abel can find a home with enough room for their growing family. Two bedrooms is never enough for a family with more than one kid... trust me, I shared with my baby sis for eight years, and it does NOT work :P

    Anyway, thanks for the sweet little baby update :)

  4. Congrats to Myra and Abel, and Naraj and Veena. The twins are going to be adorable, and seeing how Myra and Abel manage their small space now.

  5. Exciting that they had a boy and a girl! Welcome little Ramih and Vinesha! Excited to see what they'll look like. Are you going to use her birth mark possibly?

    Myra and Abel may want to find a larger home, though their bedroom looks spacious enough for the new baby to last a bit if they aren't ready.


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